Wednesday, October 15, 2008

st josephs high school rudrampur kothagudem

an overview

St Josephs High school          

St.Joseph's High School, Rudrampur, Kothagudem, was Established on 14th June 1963 by Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel. It is a Catholic Minority Institution. Rev. Bro. Amancius, Sought to start the pioneering work of establishing our school at Kothagudem  in 1961.
On 10th June 1963, the school was opened by Sri Nargundkar, the then managing Director of S.C.Co.Ltd. The School was named St.Joseph's High School, with the motto "LEAD KINDLY LIGHT", and Blue and White as School Uniform.
The School Provides education to both boys and girls recognized and partially aided by Government of Andhrapradesh. The School prepares students K.G. to X for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination through the medium of English and for the classes from I to X through the medium of Telugu.
Bro.Amancius was the first Principal. Our School has a humble beginning with 130 students & Teacher and five class rooms. Today the School has 1500 students, 45 teachers. The first batch of students appeared for the S.S.C., Exams, in 1969 and ever since the school has been maintaining excellent result.
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